About Us

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Who We Are:

Our All Things New team is a group of women who are exploring the treasures of the Kingdom. We are discovering more of God's heart and by that becoming more of who He created us to be and become. We desire to join with Him in inspiring others to know Him more, to encounter His love in real and personal ways so hearts may be restored and transformed...so they may fully live as Jesus promised in John 10:10. 


Meet Our Team:


Janelle Siebsen


Janelle has been involved in small group ministry since college which has given her a passion for  connecting women in friendship, and even more, to the heart of God. After experiencing more of God's love at a Captivating retreat, Janelle was led to start All Things New so other women could as well. Since she lived in MN at the time, that is where the ministry began in 2009. She and her husband, Chuck, moved to North Carolina in 2014. Now All Things New has opportunity to minister in 2 locations (Midwest and Southeast) Janelle loves seeing how God is using her experience as a former home educator, microbiologist and kid's birthday planner to create a welcoming atmosphere for women to gather and be inspired through events, small groups and through her speaking and wrting. Janelle is mother to 3 daughters, 2 sons and 1 "son-in-love". She is soon to be a grandma!  Her heart is refreshed by enjoying rich conversations over tea, baking, reading, crafts and going on outdoor adventures with her family. 

You can email Janelle at atnalive.info@gmail.com


Lori Tourand

Lori has been involved with All Things New for over five years. She'll often be found praying for women one on one. Currently living in Minnesota, she is an integral part in setting up our Midwest retreats. Lori's creativity and design abilities always lead her to create a beautiful environment for the women experiencing our retreats. 


Helen Davidson

A dairy farmer's daughter, Helen's journey began in northern Michigan with dreams of seeing the world one day. Throughout her journey, God sprinkled breadcrumbs of hope that left undeniable proof of His love and plan for her life. At age 47, she met her "man after God's own heart" whose own journey was interrupted through the pain of divorce. Helen and Ross began to offer God's hope and restoration to hurting relationships through "Love & War", a Ransomed Heart series for married couples. Their journey together has taken then from California to Colorado to their current home in Woodbury MN. Helen discovered "Captivating", "Waking the Dead" and "Becoming Myself", inspiring books that awakened her heart for more of God. She attended the very first All Things New retreat in 2013, which instilled a desire to offer Living Water to other women thirsty for MORE. Helen enjoys discovering new places with Ross and capturing the beauty of God's creation through photography. Leading women in discovering God's truths through Bible study has become a true joy.

You can email Helen at helendav213@gmail.com

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Deb Jelinek

Deb is a Minnesota native. She has been involved in leading worship and small group ministries since her teen years. Deb has a passion for encouraging others with freedom from past hurts. Deb enjoys watching God's people living in today with total wellness. She has witnessed this in her own life where God has been present in profound ways. This hope was the beginning of her journey. Deb was drawn closer to God's heart through small group ministries in her home church. Letting go of the past and living in freedom brought Deb to a place of peace. In her spiritual journey God brought her to a deeper intimacy with Him through attending All Things New. It is Deb's desire to share this peace and total wellness that comes from living in intimacy with God every day. Deb enjoys fishing, camping and outdoor activities with her husband. Deb also has a passion for photography and celebrating life through music by playing piano and guitar in addition to some singing. Deb has been blessed with 4 children and their wives in addition to 8 grandchildren (so far).

You can email Deb at deb.jelinek@gmail.com

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PJ Lancaster

PJ Lancaster lives in the sweet community of Pfafftown, North Carolina, where she is currently navigating new waters as an empty nester. Through times of distress and times of delight, the Lord has drawn her into His heart, showing Himself as a Father, ever faithful and full of compassion. Hence, she desires to share that intimate love of the Father with others.

An educator in Old Salem and former actress with the Children's Museum of Winston Salem, PJ stays in touch with her playful, out-of-the-box side. As a result, she finds herself in a variety of artistic endeavors, all for the purpose of connecting people to God and each other. Whether it's working the local film festival, encouraging Bible study through Bible art journaling, joining interdenominational prayers across the city or writing her blog, she finds creative ways to share God's light.

You can email PJ at majorslady@gmail.com

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Chuck Siebsen

Chuck is a Minnesota native who lives in Clemmons, North Carolina with his lovely wife Janelle and their 5 beautiful kids and one son in law. He has been involved in leading small discipleship groups since his college days and has led a cell church that met in their home. Chuck's passion for a more heart oriented faith began in 2005 when he attended a Ransomed Heart Boot camp in Colorado and he has been active in helping friends and family into a deeper, richer and more joyful Christian experience. Chuck enjoys the outdoors spending time with the kids and grinding custom knives when he has free time.

You can email Chuck at atnalive.info@gmail.com